Interactive Installations

I love this! bringing illustrations to life with sound and animation !!! A few projects that show the potential of capacitive sensors. I also brought to our second cycle 2 meeting some conductive ink I bought after our cycle 1 project. I wish to experiment with it to build interactive installations like this: Continue Reading →


Research for cycle 2

I found a kinetic sculpture which would be nice to reproduce with an Arduino. to make letters move to create different words.   I saw this installation at an Art Fair. It was facinating, lots of people were just standing there trying to understand how it moves.      

Sound sculpture process

Khadija did an amazing job in modelling the head and the pieces.   It was printed in no time but the sanding process was quite long. The 'P38 automotive body filler' needed to be applied quickly and in small batches as it starts to dry out as soon as you ad a drop of hardener. You... Continue Reading →

Visuals with references

Idea A: A 3D collage where you can mix and match different eyes, noses, hair and skin tones. It was tricky to draw but I think I capture the essence of this idea thanks to a few good references (see below). We abandoned this idea as it was similar to idea C but much more... Continue Reading →


We moved into trying actual Photogrammetry, where one takes a series of many photos all around the subject, then composites them in a program to create a 3D model based on the photos. This is like a manual 3D Scan, which we wanted to test given the actual 3D scanners are well booked up and... Continue Reading →

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