Puss in Boots: Trapped in An Epic Tale

This is a great example of interactive storytelling. The reader/viewer can influence the flow of the story. Every chapter the viewer is presented with two choices of what the next adventure of Puss will be. The narrator and Puss himself make comments about your choices which is fun. I enjoyed it, but regret the lake of... Continue Reading →


Fabulous Beasts : interactive game

Fabulous Beasts: interactive game combining hardware and software (kickstarter.com/fabulous-beasts) You can see a logo on the electronic sensing platform on which beast artefacts are stacked up. The beast artefacts have the same logo printed on the back.   You can scan you beast artefact and his name will show up on the tablet where the... Continue Reading →

Soldering and board game

I accidentally burnt the Neopixel while soldering them. but the white LEDs are fine so here are some pictures.   As it gets very messy with the wires once a prototype work and I have no talent for soldering everything together with the certainty that it will still work after that. I decided to keep everything on the... Continue Reading →

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