About me

I am a Swiss illustrator based in London. Since I completed my Bachelor of Arts (Illustration & Comics) in 2014, I worked as a visualiser at a brand activation agency (part of WPP) and as a freelance illustrator too.
I grew up in Switzerland and I speak French, German and English. I spent a large part of my childhood reading Belgium and French comic books. I have drawn and created characters since I could hold a pen. This helped me the most to develop my imagination and allowed me to meet interesting people. Of course, reading, music and movies helped to nourish my creativity.
Although I prefer using traditional art methods. I am also at ease with digital art/painting. I am flexible with styles and I can adapt to any project.
A passion for character design is the focus of my personal work.
I am currently completing a MA Communication Design at Ravensbourne University (UK). This blog is part of the course and will help me to develop my practice-based research.

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