PG Connect London 2018

With a few fellow students, we attended the PC connect for 2 days. I usually play games on my phone: Monument Valley (I and II), Badland, the Reaper etc.

The indie game industry is expanding rapidly and I discovered a few games and the behind the scene:

Monument Valley 2: How premium games can succeed?
Speaker : Daniel Gray from USTWO studio


the company is own by a design studio and the small-scale help to create such a personal game. You can’t find personality in a free game. They focused on polish, the story and the gameplay for their premium game.
It was important to find reference and influences outside of video game.

Board games and Edutainment:
if you create a mobile app based on a board game you should be compliant with the original game, focus on quality and adapt it for mobile gaming as well as bring complementary experience.

If you go for Edutainment, do not try to package education as a game. Creative play is seen as education in westerner countries. Until 7-8 yo, playing is a huge part of children time/schedule.

Hellblade: How to make an independent AAA?


the traditional model doesn’t all this as a triple-A game is not a creative game.
This game was self-published to have a direct relationship with the player and focus on quality. twenty people worked on this game for three years. They use in-house performance capture to get this level of realism and 3D scanning for texture and geometry.

Making-of-Hellblade-Senua-2maxresdefault (1)

They did some research on psychosis and met Professors in neuroscience to be able to recreate the right experience. People with psychosis do not just hear voices, these are people. The team used Biauralaudio to use geographic locations for the voices.
They worked on a low budget to take creative risks.






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