Zootropolis: the ugly truth behind the facade.


When you think about ‘Zootropolis’ you think about this beautiful town where Prey and Predators live in peace together.

but what if this is a whole facade? A mask to hide the truth?

look at our two main characters:

Judy Hopps is a cute bunny who become the first bunny cop. The society, her parents and the majority of the other animals thinks she should work in the carrot farm like her whole family. Even her surname is a stereotype.
But she decides she can be more than a carrot-selling-bunny and becomes a cop, move in the big city of Zootropolis and wants to make the world a better place


And you got Nick Wilde:
well, he’s a fox and acts like Fox is expected to act. He’s a hustler, professional hustler.
He does exactly what the society of Zootropolis expect him to be. He’s wild and free.



when Judy first meet him, she puts aside the prejugé she has about foxes and falls for Nick adorable son. Later on, she realises he tricked her and this is all because she believes if she is more than a bunny other animals are too. Nick tells her that in reality, she will always be a farmer girl to everyone around her and not a ‘real cop’.

Much later in the story, we get to know Nick better. He tells Judy why he is a hustler. In his childhood, he wanted to be part of a whole-prey scout group, but they didn’t accept him because he was a fox and will always be a fox. So he became exactly what society expects him to be.

Much later Judy has to talk in public about the case she just solved, under the pressure, she says the wrong things ( predators turn savage because it’s in their genes). At the same moment, Nick signed the paper to become Judy’s cop partner. He just made the decision to become more than society expects from him (No one trusts a fox) at the same moment that Judy gives up her personal believes and become what society expects from her (a prey scared of predators). The breakup scene is so heartbreaking:

Also, I have the Artbook at home and the story was supposed to be even more messed up. This ‘Taming Party’ is insane. It was smart to remove the shock ‘collars’. It makes the stigma of the predators less visible. When you find out about the stigmatisation of part of Zootropolis population, it is more powerful.

I like how we have this paradise-like city is actually rotten from the inside. It shows how stereotypes can hurt and do a lot of harm.


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