Illinois Holocaust Museum: Let the Holograms tell their stories

Well, I can’t say that I will go to this exhibition for obvious reasons but I liked the concept. I’ve been to the Jewish Museum in Berlin and to the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe (exhibit beneath it). I prefer the second one because you could listen to Holocaust Survivor’s story through a phone.


I think this a brilliant way to use technologies. Things that happened during WWII are so inhumane that it can be hard to imagine it. Having a survivor in front of you, telling his/her story and answering your questions must be an unforgettable experience. It gives me the chills just to think about a few documentaries I saw… Can you Imagine having someone in front of you, talking and bringing you back in time with them?
Illinois Holocaust Museum is the first museum in the world to use holograms in a permanent exhibit. I hope many will follow their lead.

13 Holocaust Survivors sat for hours in LA to get “scanned” and answer over 2000 questions. It is so brave to go through all their memories to keep History alive.




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