Anime Architecture Exhibition 2017

A few months ago, I went to The House of Illustration for their showcase of original background paintings of the most-loved Anime films, including Ghost in a Shell.

There were no less than 100 pieces of artwork exhibit. From technical drawings, watercolour and finished mixed techniques illustrations. I appreciate seeing the process and photography of the actual locations used as references. It is incredible to think that all these were created without the computer and are classics of the pop-culture.

It was impressive to see paintings in 3 dimensions, painted on transparent sheets. After the exhibition, I felt I had to rewatch all the movies to get a better sense of depth (Ghost in a Shell 1995, Ghost in a Shell: Innocence, Patlabor the movie, Metropolis).  They used blueprints of Honk Kong to get that feeling of strangeness and alienation, while the use of light and details created a realistic and familiar atmosphere.
I felt it was a privilege to be in that room surrounded by all the concept imagery, we could focus on the drawing without seeing characters or thinking or the plot.

I love to use mixed media when I draw/paint. I use watercolour and dry pastels for the elements far from the viewer and diluted gouache and coloured pencils for more detailed objects which are in focus. I wish to explore more 3-dimensional drawings and sculptures. I also know that I need to improve my architecture skills. Usually, I use a linear perspective with one or two vanishing points. I also draw more nature-inspired art and never tried to draw entire towns.


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