Can we create an avatar through habits?

After a lot of research for our “physical” avatar project, we were thinking about creating a game like “Guess who” or “Who am I?“. It would be a fun way to break the ice. Our main themes were: first/second impression and cultural identity.

I was wondering it we could instead of focusing on famous people and characters go back to small things that make us “US”. For example I like to dip my chips in ketchup but some people like to pour ketchup all over them. I would be fun to create a game to find out what kind of person the other one is by asking simple questions:

Do you have only three tabs open in your browser or plenty?
How many alarms do you need to wake up? only one or one very 10 minutes?
When you read a book, do you use bookmarks or do you fold the corner of the page?
Do you have an IPhone or an Android?
In the morning do you pour milk on your cereals or do you first pour the milk and then the cereals?
What do you eat first, the tip or the crust of your pizza?

This is just a concept but I thought it might be nice to get to know people that way.


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