London Design Festival – V&A 2017

The Victoria and Albert Museum is such a great venue. I will focus on a few installation which made good use of the space and environment of this beautiful building.

Transmission by Ross Lovegrove: You can touch and use the serpent-like sculpture. I love how the installation frames the old tapestry hanging on the walls. New and Old cohabitate peacefully adding value to each other.

Reflection Room by Flynn Talbot: you probably have seen plenty of pictures of this impressive installation. A dramatic and magical ambience for this 35m long gallery (Prince Consort Gallery). Here again it is an ultramodern overtake of an historic place.


While we wait by Elias and Yousef Anastas: again you can interact with this intriguing installation. Sit or stand in the middle and look at the “sky”). I fellt like in a huge bubble or a submarine under water surrounded by fishes sensing danger. It was calming and all your senses are active.


Metropolis by Lubna Chowhary: No narrative just thousands of  tiny hand-made objects to tell her story. I loved the approach of this on-going biography.



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