“Avatars” of my life

I admit it. I am not very good at it. I haven’t changed my FB profile picture since January 2016. I don’t have Snapchat, I don’t tweet (like Machete !), and I don’t have Tinder.
I don’t take selfies (maybe a few when I just joined FB, nine years ago) and I only drew three self-portraits in my life.

Two of them because I had to do it for the courses I was taking at Art School. I enjoyed drawing the “leopard” one during my first year (2011-2012). We had to mix a picture of ourselves with an animal lookalike. Why the leopard? I can’t remember, but it was good fun to spend hours drawing each hair with coloured pencils. And most importantly I still like it as it is me and not me at the same time. The proof is, I still use it six years after it was created. (Gosh time is flying…)

The bubble-thingy one was done in 2013, and seriously when I look at it now, I hate it. There is too much going on. I get the idea that I’m in my own bubble but … it is so messy. And the colour, why is the bubble green. I will just leave it here as a reminder of what NOT TO DO in the future.

The one with the frame is the only one I drew just because I wanted to. It is entirely personal but also related to a particular period of my life. For example, during that time of my life, I started to get interested in animation and character design, and that’s why there is a chameleon inspired by Pascal (from Tangled). I like the blue hair (which I had and still have ). My ex-boyfriend offered me the necklace I drew, we bought it when we were on Holiday in Canada. The cat ears probably came from one of my favourite artist Juanjo Guarnido. I love his character John Blacksad. I have got all the comics and the one only talking about the development and how Guarnido uses watercolour. I still can not remember where the leopard skin comes from as I never ever wear leopard pattern… I like the fact that my skin gives/takes over le chameleon, and not the other way around. It looks like I am touching it and he seems surprised. Maybe. I am just making that up right now. I should have written down my thoughts while I was drawing it.


I did two photoshoots in my life one when I was eighteen with a friend. We had fun, and he took lots of pictures. My favourite ones are when I am not looking at the camera as it feels more natural. He captured an instant a memory when we were laughing together. The second time was one or two years ago, one of my former colleagues is a professional photographer. He set up a mini studio to do some test with the lights. It is never easy to pose in a natural way (it doesn’t come naturally to me), but we were talking while working and it helped a lot to relax. The tests look great, but we still haven’t found the time to schedule the real shooting.

Oh, I almost forgot, one of my friends retouch one of Blacksad comic’s cover to add me instead of the main character. It was for my leaving card, and I got plenty of sweet words of farewell in it. My friend paid so much attention to details: the colour of my festival wristbands is correct, I’ve got my favourite sweater on, my woollen cat hat, blue hair and nail, a couple of visual I drew, the petrol-based markers etc. Isn’t it the best gift you can get?



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