The Dam Keeper (making of) They also made a graphic novel format for the story:


PG Connect London 2018

With a few fellow students, we attended the PC connect for 2 days. I usually play games on my phone: Monument Valley (I and II), Badland, the Reaper etc. The indie game industry is expanding rapidly and I discovered a few games and the behind the scene: Monument Valley 2: How premium games can succeed? Speaker :... Continue Reading →

TED talks

A few talks I listened to, to better understand child abuse/grooming and what can be done to make things change. It will give you goosebumps to listen to the survivors' story but we have to listen to it and acknowledge that these stories are real.

Disturbing campaigns

I gather a few disturbing campaigns. Most of them are about child abuse on the internet and at home. You can not look at these thee campaigns without feeling a bit ill and have goose bumps. It is scary and makes us unconfortable. We can not just sit there and watch this. This kind of add... Continue Reading →

Game mechanics and Active Experimenting

By creating memorable characters, children can easily relate to, we provide them with a kind of mirror: by showing compassion for the characters in the story, they learn, they experience new emotions. This notion of ‘embodied cognition’ plays with a combination of affective and unconscious processes to understand a text. A semiotic form of representation... Continue Reading →

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